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Hi ecooley,

So sorry you're feeling so badly. Anxiety stinks !!!
Rather then wasting time, get yourself an appointment with a psychiatrist- they know much more about these meds and the proper doses & side effects than the non-psyche docs.
If you have bad anxiety, it can sometimes get worse before it gets better when you first go on an antidepressant. My p-doc made that clear to me when I first began on an antidepressant, & boy was she right.
That said, my doc also had a plan in place for helping relieve some of that added anxiety, & yes it did get better after about 2 weeks. I had to take Xanax during that first week or two-- in fact my doc told me not to wait for the anxiety to begin, she said to automatically take it up to 3 x day for the first few weeks. I only took half of a .25 mgm 1-2 x day those first weeks, but I have not taken any since and that was back in May.

Hope this helps some-- get an appt with a psche doc- don't waste precious time on your family doc. It took me a few months to really understand the value of my p-doc--at first I was resistant to even going- but now I do understand- she knows her meds & side effects, etc.
Make sure you let the p-doc know of any other meds you take including vitamins & over the counter meds.

Feel better ~