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When I get shortness of breath and I cant take it anymore I take a xanax and im usaully fine. One .5mg of ativan is pretty weak. Try taking 2.:)
Terry - This is my main symptom when I find my anxiety levels are high. I run 3 miles per night, and like you, I was afraid to run and push myself when feeling like I couldnt inhale all the way. I decided one day to push myself and see what happens. To my surprise, my difficulty breathing was better after the run and now I look forward to a brisk run when feeling this way. I found that it works better than xanax, etc and doesnt leave me with a foggy head feeling. Hope you find relief soon ....
Yeah, I probably experience the same exact symptoms as you, but more frequently. I am still convinced its some sort of heart disorder despite major tests I have had done show the contrary. What really, really helps me is XANax .25 mg. GL.