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I am awake struggling with the same thing right now actually. I have had the old signs of anxiety the last couple of days and I am obsessing about why I feel so fragile. I completely understand the morning sickness thing. That is the worst symptom I have. I wake up and immediately the stomach cramps and it eases off after I eat breakfast, but doesn't fully go away until I am engaged at work. I have been taking Xanax for 6 months now and it has helped a lot, but I still have rough spots and this is one of them I guess.

To answer your question. You aren't going crazy. You are stressed out and probably on the verge of a panic attack if you haven't already experienced one. You probably should try to do some relaxation techniques that incorporate breathing. Meditation is helpful. I would also seek out professional help. Medication for anxiety dissorders is sometimes a rough road though, so prepare yourself for some trial and error. You may feel worse before you feel better.

I hope you do feel better though.

Take care,