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Hi everyone, I may start posting so wanted to do a proper introduction and have some questions for the folks that look like they have been dealing with this for some time.

I have had constant heart palpitations for the last eight days. After two days I thought I was dying so I went to urgent care and they did the whole nine yards (EKG, blood work, etc.). Everything is perfect - BP, heart rate, thyroid, sugar, everything looks great. Followed up with my GP the next day - and he says that he thinks I have an anxiety problem.

I've never even thought that I might, and never considered that this might be a problem for me. I am seeing a cardiologist in a few weeks (they found murmur so I need to anyway just to be sure), but right now he has me on the .25 Xanax two to three times a day.

This has NOT stopped the palpitations, but they can't figure out what else might be wrong.

Has this happened to anyone else? My heart has not beat normally (not even for a minute) for the last week. If it were anxiety would the Xanax not have helped and/or stopped this by now?

I am also dealing with my [prideful and previous] predjudices about anxiety disorder - should I have one. I suppose that's another thread for another day.
Thanks for your response. He said he thinks I have a super high stress level and I have a major event coming up that I plan for all year, blah blah blah.

I do worry a lot and have VERY mild syptoms of general anxiety, but nothing like week-long palpitations, ya know?

He thinks the palpitations are from anxiety, therefore trying to only temporarily (for the next month) treat the anxiety.

Like you, I'm a little skeptical, but hopefully I'll get some answers soon - because it's been about 5 days on the Xanax and there's been no change:(
Xanax is pretty fast acting and the stress of an big event is a normal reaction,same as mourning after a close ones death, it's 100% natural but if these symptoms are overwhelming and effect normal everyday life then I suppose you could give it a name "anxiety or depression" I am not a doctor and am not saying meds are overprescribed but I have questioned it.Stress can cause the palps for sure as well as dehydration,nicotine,caffine,alcohol,thyroid disorders,lack of exercise,lack of rest and much more but they are usually harmless and in your case you have had all the test and they looked good,try not to think about it as much because if it is stress dont add more.I know how aggrivating they can be especially watching tv, going to sleep ect..
Thanks alefever. It is good to know (not that I am happy that you have these symptoms) that somebody else has the frequency as well.

The people I've talked to and doctors I've seen so far (still in my round of seeing doctors - ugh) don't seem to realize that it has been non-stop for these [now] ten days. That has been what has worried me most even though all my tests came back fine.

I saw some site that a lot of times Xanax can take up to 7 days to have full effect, I have been on it for 6 days and it was just a day or two ago that I started feeling the palpitations lessen. I can still feel them sitting here at work but it doesn't feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest now.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts - I don't even know anyone (that is open about it anyway) with the same thing, so this is helpful. :)
Caffiene is like the worst thing in the world for people with anxiety problems so I agree with Terry 100%. The Xanax will help to some degree, but don't expect any drug to completely cure you. You will have to do some work yourself. If you have heart palapitations then you should exercise. This would get your heart rate up and help you to get used to your heart acting properly. Also meditation would probably help you as well.

Hope you feel better!
I have had panic attacks since I was about 7 years old. They have come and gone over time, but I always have Xanax with me at all times, as a safety net. The attacks are horrible and so scary, and not a way to live, so I understand. I have worked on my anxiety over the years, with affirmations, vitamins, a lot of self talk and yoga/exercise, artistic outlets, journaling, therapy a few years ago....That Xanax sure can save your life. Before I was given the first script, I wasn't much of a pill taker. Thought you might be able to relate to some of my stuff. ?

A doctor told me several years ago that it is an extra beat, actually, and not a skipped beat, though I still say it when it happens, "Oh, my heart just skipped a beat!", and it scares the crap out of me. I have had it on and off for years. Doesn't seem to affect my health. I have heard that if it happens a lot, then you need to have your heart checked (to get on meds to regulate it.), like one of those things you wear for 24 hours. I personally want one of those to see why I have to take Inderal (originally for tremors for OCD med and for rapid heart rate. It's a beta blocker. I have low BP but have to take it for the rapid heart beat.).

It sure sounds to me that you are nervous about this gig coming up and it is affecting you all the time. My therapist told me that I was paying so close of attention to my bodily workings, to basically draw my attention away from issues I was not facing or dealing with, etc.......I wonder how you will feel after it is over? I would suggest walks, being out in nature (relaxes you and takes you away from the daily crap, connects you to a more spiritual and calmer state of mind), multi-vitamins, lots of Vitamin C and B's (your immune system needs the boost--that is emotional immunity too), yoga, journaling (gets it out of you, your concerns), etc.....as my therapist said about the panic attacks....that you should see it as a pie. Many pieces make the whole. Hope that helps. I still have panic attacks, btw, but not as often. If I could just stop thinking so much......=\ But personally I do all of this stuff to be help overcome the panic.