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You totally can talk yourself into and out of anxiety attacks! I was having anxiety for a couple of months.. one major attack and the rest just symptoms here and there and then I realized to myself that I didn't actually get the "short of breath" symptom yet... so then what happens... I got it... I really think I thought myself into getting it and now it's been with me off and on for 2 weeks, mostly on. I'm telling you--our minds are very TRICKY!!!

I just keep telling myself that it's all anxiety and I'm okay just to keep reassuring myself and that does seem to keep my actual big attacks from happening, but all the other symptoms that arise are still around. Grrr! I get to see a psychiatrist for the first time in March. I 've been seeing a therapist but she cannot prescribe anything until I see the psychiatrist, so I can hardly wait. I'm hoping to get xanax for a couple of months to conquer this bout! I've heard mostly good things about xanax from most people, so I think that might be my first one to try.