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I need some direction. My 16 year old came to me today and told me about a friend who took 4 xanax last night. He had a wreck. No one was hurt. but my son says he is taking these xanax more and more. My son won't get in the car with him...thank goodness..he's seen what we've been through with his own brother...he knows better. He told me about 2 boys who are doing this. One is 15 and the other this boy. I know one of these boys' parents so i called his dad. I told him in confidence what I knew. He was very appreciative and said he would get a drug test to give him tonight.

I felt so compelled to call his dad because I have been through this with my oldest and it wasn't fun. I don't want any parent to go through what I have. This kid could have a bad wreck and hurt himself or someone else. besides that, these kids have no idea what these drugs can do.........they are not educated at all about the danger..........did I do the right thing?