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Glad you feeling better shawley, and sorry about your boy!!! Did you mean the doctor gave you xanax? I love mine, it really helps my anxiety and mood, but now with the whole loosing doctor thing, who knows what will happen. Going in for my first post op at eight am. Not looking forward to the probably hour and a half drive in rush hour traffic. Took all my meds, my pot of coffee and hoping for the best.

I'll talk to you when I get back buddy. Ya know my boy is doing so well to cheer me through my recovery don't take it personally.
I hear ya on the Anxiety note. I had such a bad painic attack a couple weeksago, that my sister was going to call 911. It looked like (and felt like), an asthma attack. Luckily (and unluckily), I've had plenty of panic attacks in my years, that I knew I just needed to calm down. But it took about a good 8 min. I started to think it WAS an asthma attack. Whew. I have Xanax that REALLY helps with panic attacks. I won't use them alot b/c I get scared that I will be out, and have another attack, and be screwed not having my meds.
So glad to hear tha tyou are finally getting somewhere buddy. My surgeon told me again today how xanax are evil, and he wants me to start getting off of them. The thing he doesn't know is I'm evil without them lol.