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i was never officially diagnosed with asthma 3 years ago i woke up and was having problems breathing..went to the dr he gave me albuterol inhaler used it for 3 years i had to use it everyday several times a day for 3 years then i was no longer under insurance and i still had my albuterol but it started affecting me very negativly causing upset stomach,tightness in the chest,extreme anxiety while this happened i took xanax to combat the anxiety and then felt worse on that after about 5 days...im almost positive my breathing problems are due to allergies.i bought an air purifier really hasnt made a huge difference..so as i stand right now i really prefer not using any medicines do to recent events im scared to use anything..i have xopenex inhaler now i was giving azmacort steroid and singulair but to scared to use any of these things due to side effects i might encounter.so im looking for alternative treatments to prevent breathing problems vitamins herbs and other products thanks alot