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First, I would like to communicate with someone who is going thru Xanax withdrawals.

I was taking 4 mg.da of Xanax for just over a year. I wanted off and my Dr. is helping me. I also take Neurontin to prevent seizures. He's tapering me at .5 mg.wk, mixing some XR with the regular. The withdrawals are Hell and when I get off this, I'll never take it again. It is the most dependent of all the benzos. I've read The Ashton manual from the UK, but I'd like to do this in less than 6 or 9 months. So I'm just toughing it out.

Mainly, I have a headache, stomach ache and my hands shake. I feel more sick than anxious. More like I'm coming down with something, but I'm not. The shaky hands may be from the Neurontin and I can handle that.

Yesterday the Dr. gave me Campral, which is to prevent alcohol withdrawal. He said this would help me with the withdrawals but it will be about 5 days before I should feel any relief.

I live out in the country and do have a very supportive husband. But I'd like to get some support from anyone who's gone thru this. Maybe we can help each other.

Thanks !!:confused:
Good luck. I recently was on kemo and took pain pills and xanax through it to help with the side effects of it. I was only on them for three months and did not take them every day. However the last few weeks I pretty much took a 1. (blue) and a half every day for that time. I got over the pain pills but realized that the first two days I did not take the xanax I felt really wierd. I did not know what it was from. I feel a lot better today. today is the third day with out xanax and yesterday I woke up with bad back and neck ache and felt way under the weather and anxiety a lot. I wonder if it will be over for me now. I feel better today.
If you continue to have anxiety, see your Dr. He can give you .5 mg which you can break in half to .25 or 1/4 mg. You may want to do a taper as I am, maybe a 1/4 each week til you're off. But do get off. I'm coming from 4 mg. and am now down to 1.5 a day, spaced out. Inbetween the side effects are awful. I know how a drug addict must feel. So often, at lunch, I want to just take a nibble of a pill. But that would just defeat my purpose and extend the withdrawal. Xanax is the most dependent of all benzos. Get off soon while you can. If I can do it, so can you !!!
[QUOTE=jessy28;2950516]Good luck. I recently was on kemo and took pain pills and xanax through it to help with the side effects of it. I was only on them for three months and did not take them every day. However the last few weeks I pretty much took a 1. (blue) and a half every day for that time. I got over the pain pills but realized that the first two days I did not take the xanax I felt really wierd. I did not know what it was from. I feel a lot better today. today is the third day with out xanax and yesterday I woke up with bad back and neck ache and felt way under the weather and anxiety a lot. I wonder if it will be over for me now. I feel better today.

My father went through two chemos, and in each he was given various pain medications but he pretty much shunned them. He never ended up addicted to anything and did not need to withdraw. He had no drug or alcohol history to speak of, although he did drink occasionally throughout his life.

From my observation, people who end up hooked on pain meds can look back through their lives and find other examples of issues with drugs or alcohol. Our bodies do not know the difference between a drug scored on the street and one prescribed by a doctor.
Hello RLM

Glad to meet you and welcome to the board. I am also tapering from xanax, and yes, it is a difficult taper no matter how we do it. Smiles.

It seems as though you have a good plan if you are not going to do a really slow taper. I think that Campral is a drug like depakote and will help prevent any seizures coming off the xanax more rapidly. Many, many years ago, I was taken off xanax using depakote (too long a story), and it must have ben successful because eventually I was fine. I wsn't really aware enough of what happened to me those years ago until I have started coming off xanax now and the memories seemed to come back.

I, too, have read The Ashton Manual and learned much from it, but have no intentions of switching over to Valium. Just my personal deal to come off of what I am on and not switch benzos. Because I, not too long ago, finished a long slow taper from oxycodone, I am making my taper a long, slow one from Xanax. At the very end, I think I will ask my doctor to give me depakote to ease the final transition. I officially started this taper taking two .5 Xanax a day. I only cut by 1/8 a tablet every to weeks or so. Yep, long and slow. And even this way it is agonizing at times. I have taken the advice of a fellow board member and am working hard to find moe new ways to fight the high anxiety and stress that comes with the taper. I try to remember to incorporate more deep breatning exercise everyday. Also trying to keep up with a lot of physical movement when the anxiety increases and trying to rest on the "crash" periods that seem to hit.

Wishing you well on your taper. Keep us updated.

Good wishes
Hello NJ

I am glad to see you posting. There seems to be three of us currently on a Xanax withdrawal... quite unusual for this board, but sure a problem for those of us going through it. We can all work through it together. Smiles.

NJ, it would help to know a few more details... how many tabs a day? How often? Is the doctor giving you any advice on how to cope? these are important things for us to know.

I realize you are new to posting here. A bit of advice, if I may? I am afraid your postings and questions will get lost in these other threads. It is easy to start a new thread... here's how:

-Log in to this board
-At the top of the board, above all these "threads"(which are the titles of each topic someone starts), is a blue button called "START NEW THREAD." click on that and then you will find a spot to title your thread and below that a box to write your questions or whatever.
-Then just hit submit, wait a moment and you will see your new posting on your own thread.

Please do start a thread. We don't want you getting lost in the shuffle here! people here really do care a great deal. I have been laying low for a bit, but will check on you soon.

Be hopeful! This can be done.

Best wishes

Just stopping by to see how you are doing today. We are working from different starting doses of Xanax, but will suffer the same withdrawals. If you are like me, sometimes I overuse the board in my anxiety and have to push myself away from it. Chuckles. Then, other times, I have a huge need to just read but am too anxious to write my thoughts down coherently. Balance... that darn concept is hard to keep straight sometimes, isn't it?

Anyway, just thinking of you. I am having a pretty calm time right now and think I might go out in the backyard and sit still and breath deeply for a while. Does wonders for me during this taper.

Have a good day
Hi Reach -

Thanks for checking in on me. I need all the support I can get. Yesterday was a good day. My husband tilled my vegetable garden, I'm too shaky to handle the little tiller. I managed to rake out the compost and that kept my mind busy. I'm now down to 1-1/2 mg/da. from 4. The Dr. had me on morning and evening and the afternoon was really bad. So I've divided it into 3; breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I get up in the morning, I really need that pill !! Then I watch the clock til noon. I'm off the XR which I know was upsetting my stomach, it had in the past. The evenings are always comfortable. I have always slept well and do not have depression. So there's 2 points in my favor. I'm decreasing .5 mg.week. That's as fast as I can go.

I had my first panic/anxiety attack in 1984 and was given .5 mg Xanax as needed, which wasn't very often. I did fine for over 20 years, even surviving breast cancer, with chemo, 20 yrs ago without anxiety.

About a year and a half ago now, my daughter developed severe depression with thoughts of suicide, very out of character. This just blew me away and I got up to the 4 mgs. She was put on Effexor and is now find and detoxing from that. We commiserate together over the phone as my family is scattered. Last Fall I knew I needed help and found a good psychitrist. I'm in a small town and he wasn't taking new patients but when he found what I was going thru, I got in. He ordered a Qeeg and found many of my brain waves were out of sync. I had neurofeedback sessions for 5 months, where you can alter your own brain waves, but I wanted to get off Xanax first. So I put the neuro on hold til I get thru this first.

I always have a dozen question for the Dr. I like information to handle what I'm dealing with. He said that I'd been on Xanax for so many years that it had taken over the GABA neurotransmitter. Now as i detox I have to get my body to make it's own. That I could understand. The Neurontin I'm taking is an anti-convulsant to prevent seizures. That's what's making my hands shaky. Just the thought of that scares the Hell out of me!! And the Camprel is used on alcoholics for withdrawal. He said this would help me too, especially my stomach aches. I can stop that any time but will eventually have to withdraw from the Neurontin. I told him don't give me anything that would prevent my glass of wine at dinner! That's my reward at the end of the day. And yes, I smoke also. I do enjoy it and have no plans to quit at this point.

It is in my genes as I lost my mother when I was 12 and I think she was depressed. I was raised by my maternal grand mother. I was an only child as was my mother. My grand mother had problems with her "nerves" and my oldest grandson is bi-polar altho he has that under control. I'm also a Type A personality and a perfectionist along with the traumas of my childhood and later years, including a divorce after 20 years of a "perfect" marriage. He came home one day, said he wasn't happy and walked out.

I'm now married (30 yrs.) to a wonderful, supportive husband. We live on 5 beautiful acres in the country. When I get anxioius or feel scared for no reason, I go out and dig in the garden.

Deep breathing does nothing for me but I found a good meditation tape I listen to when I do my crafts. And that's difficult with shaky hands. So that's where I stand today, one day at a time. I am determined to get thru this as there's so many things I want to enjoy. It's frustrating not to just be able to relax.

Hi Reach -

When you say .05 do you mean 1/4 mg., wk? How much are you taking now and do you take any other meds to help with the withdrawal? And how much longer until you're completely off?

I stopped the Camprel because I'm now off the Xanax XR and I know that one was effecting my stomach, it has in the past. What I'm experiencing is shaky hands, from the Neurontin. I've taken that since January and you would think I'd be past that. And just feeling scared. Especially in the morning. My husband goes to work, I'm enjoying my coffee (decaf) and looking out at my gardens and the beautiful flowers. But I'm just scared for no reason. It's seems so dumb but I just can't talk myself out of it. Sometimes I look at the clock in the a.m. waiting til noon to take another dose. Jeez, I really feel like an addict. How does the anxiety effect you, do you feel scared?

This is not a good morning, but I'm going to busy myself and try not to think about it.

Take care . . . Ruth
Hi Reach -

Yesterday morning wasn't so good and today's not starting out well. I'm mostly effected in the a.m. I guess 'cuz it's been 12 hrs since a dose. I'm off the XR and my stomach no longer bothers me. I'm just scared, for no reason. And my hands were so shaky I could hardly write checks. Then I knocked over a glass if herb tea on my new lace tablecloth. I guess it's good than I'm down to 1.5 mg/day from 4, but the anxiety hasn't lessened at all. I'm wondering how I'll feel when I'm off entirely.

Don't know if I mentioned this before, my minds not clear (chuckle). The Dr. said I've been on Xanax so long it's taken over the GABA neurotransmitter in my brain. As I get off Xanax my body is supposed to replace the GABA as the Xanax goes out. Just don't know how long that will take. I have always been a Type A personality and that doesn't help.

I'm just taking one day at a time and hoping for the best. I do a decrease tomorrow. I have done 1/4 for 3 days and the other 1/4 for 4 more days. That seems to make it easier.

I have no depression. There are so many things I want to enjoy, but it's hard when you feel like crap. I work on my crafts (miniatures) and listen to audio tapes (mysterys) and that takes my mind off how I feel. Weather permitting, we're getting a little rain, I work in the garden.

Sometimes it seems like I'm wishing my life away to get better and I'm not getting any younger. But I try to remember "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" and make the best of it.

Take care,