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Please listen to Shay - I was on so much stuff - and I came off it by myself at home. I had seizures - foamed at the mouth. Shelley - I almost died. I know I had a light stroke. But 14 years ago - either I was too silly to think of inpatient as an option - or didn't know about it. I didn't know how dangerous what I was doing was.

If you were taking xanax - lorazapam - and then the fentanal - sweetie - you could literally die going off them. I know it is a cruel and ironic twist -- die doing them - die coming off them - but that is why they have places to go and get help now.

I will pray for you Shelley - that got me through it - but I will pray to God you don't go through what I did. Although - it is absolutely - why I have stayed clean all these years - no way I was EVER going to go through that again. Get help if you need it - don't be afraid to ask - so many people - that have never even met you are pulling for you and praying for you. Hugs.