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I have read lots of threads about the withdrawals and mential toll pills take on us. But I just need to vent and tell my story. I need some advice or maybe from people who have experience in this. I am addiction to lortab. take around 7-10mg's when I have them (maybe a week or so) and then all of a sudden don't have them. I have depression. My phychiatrist gave me 60 mg' of lexapro and my anxiety is so bad, like one minute I'm about to lose my mind and the next I feel a little calmer, it drives me crazy. I take 4 - 2mg xanax a day and that barely helps.
What I'm trying to ask, does anyone think these problems are caused by the hydro addiction? I'm get nervous taking them because I think it's causing the up and down anxiety (and depression) but then I'm afraid to stop because then maybe the anxiety won't go away. (I do have tramodol so I won't get withdrawals). Does anyone know from experience if the pain meds make it worse for your depression and anxiety? Even though you get that nice buzz at first. Of course the guilt of the money you spend doesn't help either and nobody knows, not even my husband. I don't know how to get support. I don't know what they do to you. Do you go to a facility? or just go to an NA meeting? Outpatient, Inpatient- I don't know the difference, anyone have experience in that? I just want this minute to minute anxiety to stop and cut back on the lexapro and xanax. Please help, I'm scared all the time.
Hello kimwe

I am sitting front row, center seat, and raising my hand high as I think you just called on me. Like at a healing service when you juust know it is you being described.

Kimwe, I have NO doubt about the pain meds and xanax deepening your depression and making you se-saw more and more until you finally reach the point where the damn see-saw just won't work anymore. I am you, you are me.

I began the tapers off Oxycodone and Xanax exactly in the condition you are... no, worse... I already couldn't function anymore and could not have written on this board at the time I began. Please, please get help NOW as you seem close to a total breaking point and the stronger we are when beginning the ride off narcotics, the better.

I have to leave for a "FACE-TO-FACE" with my daughter-in-law, at her request. Blah. I so don't want to do this crap, BUT, I can handle whatever I have to ... I hope. Smiles. Just telling you this because 7 mionths ago, it would not have even been a remote possibility.

Maybe talk later.. if not, tomorrow.

Wow Reachout, sorry you had to go through all that. But you sound very strong. I could tell my Dad because he just admitted to me that he was addicted to them on the phone one day, kinda like it was nothing. Not that he wanted to stop or anything. I just don't want to tell my Ma and brother. My Ma is 71, does not need more worries, and by brother has depression and would be so worried also.
The whole crazy thing about hydro, is when I take them and get that buzz, maybe an hour later, and all of a sudden get really edgy, frustrated, in a bad mood. It's like why bother, but then you still go back to them. But it sucks when nothing really seems fun without them. I took them to do anything. Now I'm out, I'm OK work the weekends but I hate not having them for work. They pepped me up to start my day and I get anxiety so there comes the Xanax.
Are you still going through the up and down axiety? or are you still on anything write now? I really hope your son and daughter in-law understand this a little bit. I least I know my Dad does. And my husband suspected it once but I denied it. I might have to tell him. Then I can get help the proper way. I want Anxiety to stop!! My husband doesn't get that part, he's a very calm person.