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[QUOTE=sophie2007;3111667]Hi Dallasirish! I and quite a few of us have the same type of symptoms after GB surgery. Scroll down the page and read the thread I started a few weeks ago called "Nausea, Diarrhea, Depression after Gallbladder Surgery". There are some real good posts there, especially from Miknan who is also young and going through post surgery problems.

I was wondering if the reason you had your gallbladder out was because of stones, or sludge and debris in your gallbladder? Did you loose a lot of weight and if so, are you able to put weight back on? The diarrhea is what is keeping me from gaining back the 40 lbs. I lost since my gallbladder first became sick back in March of this year.

I don't know about your medications so am going to look them up. I see a GI specialist on the 1st of August and they are talking about doing a scope. How long was yours done? Was it done after GB surgery?

I hope you are having a better day today. Sophie

My GB was taken out on Dec 26 this year due to a stone blocking the duct, had really bad pains that lasted for 4-5 hours a time. I lost 25lbs since my surgery and (was 190lbs, now holding around 170lbs) my scope was done 8 weeks ago and the gastritis i think was/is caused by the bile. What EVER i eat i feel sick/upset stomach feelings, i have been also prescribed .25mg Xanax, it does help, mostly chills me out, i cant believe this GB has so may side effects, i just want to feel NORMAL again... I would love a Dr to say take this and you'll be fine tomorrow...