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[QUOTE=lizzy76;3127232]How long have you been trying meds?

Believe it or not, since DAY ONE! I've been sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety, and panic attacks for nearly 4 years now and one of the most profound symptoms present right from the beginning was this amazing intolerance to the antidepressant/antianxiety medications. Anything that tampered with my nervous system would cause extreme side effects. All the medications like Zoloft, Effexor, and Lexapro caused me severe anxiety, panic, confusion, irritability, bursts of rage, and depression all much worse than normal. This was only after about 1/4 of the lowest doses available!

My doctor initially thought that it was the elevation of serotonin that caused the problems, so he put my Zyprexa to actually lower the serotonin and that caused me to feel extremely depressed, irritable, and constantly hungry for nearly a week again after only 1/4 of the lowest dose.

So, then the next step was to try the sedatives which included Xanax and Klonopin. Well, they didn't make me sicker per say, but I was totally nonfunctional on them....would just knock me out and put me to sleep for hours. Makes a great sleeping pill, but did absolutely nothing for anxiety. On the contrary, when it would wear off, my anxiety would feel worse and I'd be extremely depressed for several days following...all that after, you guessed it, 1/4 of the lowest dose.

Since then, I've also tried all the most popular herbal supplements like gingko, sam-E, st john's wort, l-tyrosine, and things like this. They all caused the same problems as Zoloft and the others, so they are not an option either.

Finally, I decided to try an alternative option...a device called Alpha-Stim. It's a very highly rated FDA approved device that's been proven to cure anxiety and depression in many people, but it just made me feel really strange and out of it for several days...not a very pleasant experience in the least, so that was out.

As you can see, my problem is very long and very deep with seemingly no solution in sight. People would tell me things like, "Maybe you aren't giving these things a chance....the side effects might improve if you can stick with it.." All I can say back is "are you kidding me????" People fail to realize just how profound and overwhelming these side effects are and how much they take out of me. I take one bad pill and I'm down and out for days to weeks following....This cycle has occurred so many times that I'm afraid I'm causing more damage to my body by even trying any of them.

Basically, I'm not about to tamper with my body anymore with these drugs...just isn't worth the risk...

You're welcome! I agree - the array of forms aren't fun, but the alternative is worse. ;)

I had shingles, too, a few years ago. Awful! It was right after we moved cross country and it was the move from h*ll. I have GAD and depression and I'm certain that the stress of it brought them on, so I hear you.

As for meds, I am also a very side-effect-sensitive person. I tried SEVEN Ad's before I was put on Lexapro and fortunately, it's at least been tolerable.

Have you ever tried BuSpar? It's an anti-anxiety med. I was on it for 4 months and felt wonderfully NORMAL!! it was the best I have ever tried and it had no side-effects. No sleepiness, no bathroom problems, no nothing - I just felt great. I would be on it today if I could, but, my ins. wouldn't pay for more than that, and I couldn't afford to keep up with it. Now I just take Xanax when I'm a stressed wreck. Yeah, I imagine you're cringing at the thought of trying something else..and I realize that just because it worked for me, doesn't mean it will for you. But to feel better, I decided to keep going until I got the right fit. Up to you, of course, but from one anxietiac LOL to another, thought I would at least tell you about it.

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