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Hi guys,
I've been talking to people about what i can possibly take when I take my flight to houston to calm me down. I hate hate hate to fly and it just freaks me out. I literally get on the verge of a panic attack with turbulence. In the past i've used beer to put me into a drunken sleep but i'm not so sure that i want to do that with my ear problems. I've heard xanax can really help with anxiety. Now, how can it affect inner ears? Could it send me into a decomp or make me feel dizzy? I've also had tinnitus in the past, not loud but it was there. it's better now, not completley gone but very manageable. Could xanax make my tinnitus louder. I don't want to take anything that will make my ears worse. What do you guys think?
I haven't tried Xanax but I have used Ativan that works for both dizziness and anxiety and it (for me) has no ill side effects and no rebound. It's a wonderful help for those times when you need some help. Even just half of a 0.5mg tablet is sometimes enough to take the edge off.

The alcohol might be okay if you are not already going through a decomp/blip. I cannot do alcohol if I am "blipping" - it makes me feel horrid. I think it's safer to do a pill for your flight.
HI, my doctor prescribed me Xanax for anxiety but I have never taken any pills. Just wondering how long before the flight should I take it? I think I will try taking one next time I fly (Sept) to see if it helps with my vertigo problems afterwards.
Hi Joy,

I used Xanax when I was in the beginning throes of the vestib junk and very anxious about what the heck was going on with me. I used a small amount, .25mg I think, but it did work very well. Upon researching it I found that Xanax is also a vestibulo-suppressant, which means it suppresses the signals the inner ear is sending to the brain, so you can actually get some relief from the dizzies with it if taken properly. I only used it a few times and didn't have any bad effects with it. I also drank wine while on it (not much, a glass or so) and nothing bad happened there either, which just shows that everyone reacts to things differently. I think a small dose is definitely worth a try for a flight. It could help with your flight anxiety, and also with the vestibulo-suppressant qualities may give you some vestibular relief for a while too.

Oh, and P.S., because Xanax is a suppressant it should only ever be used for short terms to help you get through a particulary anxious period, etc. If you use it in the long term, the suppressing of the inner ear signals means the brain won't have the opportunity to compensate.