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Part I

I've read a lot of posts concerning palpitations. Are you guys referring to fast or skipped beats. Or are you plagued more by the sensation of 'hard pounding'? I have the hard pounding problem. Especially noticible after a heavier meal, alcohol (any amount), sweets. How are you treating yours? I have a Xanax prescription, but I have no intention of taking that on a daily basis. Do you know of any vitamins or supplements that can help (or even foods). I'm in my series of 'no periods' months and its always worse at this time.

Part II

Do you guys have problems with side effects from vitamins and medications? Like all of them!!!!!!!! Try this, can't sleep. Try that, can't poop. Try this, get drowsy. Try that, get anxiety. Try this, blood pressure rises. Try that, get indigestion. Try that, well you get the picture.