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[QUOTE=itburns2004;3202947]Sounds like a horrid experience! Have you seen an alternative doctor? If regular MD can not help you, maybe it is time to see an integrated or alternative Doctor. A kinseologist even (alternative health allergist). Search the internet and hopefully acam can help you. The acadamy for alternative medicine. Good Luck!!!!!

I've been seeing a Naturopath. The closest one I could find is 3.5 hours away, so I've only seen him twice. He seems to think that I have a very serious, major candida overgrowth that could, very soon, go into the bloodstream, if it hasn't already.

I wanted to confirm this, so I got a referal to "Infectious Disease". They obviously don't believe in candida, because they gave me the run-around and then refuzed to see me in their office. They said it "wasn't nessecarry".

I saw a "Natural Healing" Chiropractor today. He seems to think that my neck is out of alignment, which is throwing my nerves off in my brainstem, which is what's causing all of these symptoms. He wants to see me back in a few days.

Some of the doctors I've seen, seem to think it is a depression/anxiety thing and keep on prescribing me xanax and lortabs and colonapins and valium . . . these meds only aggravate my symptoms worse (I didn't try all of them though. I was so afraid to try some of them because they cause further dizziness.) They gave me some sort of pain med intravenously in the ER and it was HORRIBLE!!! It pulsed in my head like poison. I don't ever want to try a pain med again.

I literally have 1-2 different doctors appointments EVERY SINGLE day. This has consumed my life. I have been to around 100-300 doctors' appointments in the last 9 months. My strength is non-exsistant . . . I'm running on empty . . . only God has brought me this far. But, I don't know how much longer I can hold on.