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I have been in the same situation as you. My son is 26 and doesn't live with me anymore (not his choice) so I don't really have any say in what he does now. He is an opiate addict (oxy, heroin and even did crack 7 months ago). He has been clean from opiates for 2 1/2 years. Anyway, about a month ago he had to have 4 teeth pulled and they gave him percocets. His teeth are really bad from the heroin. They didn't give him many but he took them. I was horrified and scared to death he would go back and become a user again but fortunately he didn't. One thing about him, I can always tell when he is using (at least I hopr I can). I would certainly hope in your son's case they don't give him any narcotics. Three years ago when my son had been clean a short time a doctor gave him percs for chronic digestive disorder. It was that prescription that eventually turned into his heroin addiction. This I am sure of. When he did live with me I started insisting that I had written permission from my son so I could talk to his doctors, otherwise they wouldn't even speak to me because he was over 18. I also doled out pills to him when he was seeing some psychiatrist who had him on so much xanax he couldn't even work. She also had him on 4 other meds he didn't need and felt better when he finally got off them. She told him he was bi polar but his problems emotionally were all opiate induced. As a mother, this whole addiction thing has turned me inside out so that I now see a therapist myself. He may not be using but he is still an addict and acts like one. He won't go to NA or AA. My son still has his ups and downs. He loves fishing and works as a first mate when he can but usually gets fired because his concentration levels are still so low. He's out of a job right now. I will never let him live with me again, though. I am finally learning tough love. I had to put my house and my car in my daughter's name and have her and her husband move in with me so I could free myself from having to deal with his problems so much. I am disabled and I give her my monthly check so I never have any money. She has no problem saying no to him. But I let him know every day how much I love him and always will. I just want my son to work, keep a job for more than a month and be responsible. Do whatever you can to keep him off narcotics.