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Well, for all who remember me, son is 22 and taking the xanax AGAIN. a couple weeks ago we noticed he was acting strange and husband took a drug test for him to take. He wouldn't take it. So, my husband told him to get out. Our rule in the house is, drug free occupants............and he knows that. but chooses to not abide. He's on probation and had a meeting this morning. He got someone's urine to use. put it in a condom and taped it to himself. He is supposed to go for weekly drug tests, but hasn't gone at all this month. I tried to call the probation office after he left to tell them to check him for the condom. No one answered, too busy I guess. I think the only way he's gonna see the light is if he gets caught and fails a drug test and the judge court orders him to rehab.

My husband is in Houston with his mom getting cancer treatment. My son pulls this everytime he leaves. i am not going to let my husband know until he gets home because all he would do is worry...and he's got enough to worry about right now. After using xanax, my son gets very aggitated, maybe when coming off it. I've been through him ranting and raving and cussing me and hitting doors 3 times before. I explained to him if he ever pulled that again while his dad was gone, I would just call the police and that's what I'll do this time.

i may just call the probation office tomorrow and get in touch with someone, maybe call the judge and talk with him about what's going on. This judge is very strict with probationers and if he finds out what he's doing, it won't be the outcome my son wants. he thinks he can get by with whatever he wants. Sometimes I think he's bi-polar.....the drugs are killing his brain as well as his relationship with this family. I am now to the point I don't care what happens to him if he choses drugs. I am done and have been for a long time. any suggestions people??
Hey Cram...I was hoping you'd post. I think my son is also bi-polar. He just told me an hour ago, that some days he feels good and some days, like today, he gets up to go to work and he hates the world, he hates himself and could care less what happens. he said, I think I need to go to the doctor. I said, you need to go see a psychologist or psychiatrist, someone to talk to that is not in the middle of all this. He has no one really to help him but me and his dad. He resents me some days because I watch over him like a mother hen. and he knows I am watching him. I do that for me, not just him. he went to probation yesterday and although he hasn't been to any drug tests this month, should have had 4 already, they just said you need to adjust your work schedule and get in here. Nothing said about not attending his n/a meetings....it's a joke. I am glad now that I didn't call them yesterday and get them to lock him up. i think right now he needs help, badly. He said he would call my therapists office today and make an appointment. he has insurance so there's no reason he shouldn't go. I told him he'd be amazed at how much he feels better just after talking to someone. I think the psychiatrist will evaluate him and maybe some meds are needed. i think he is so unhappy and depressed, and maybe bi-polar, and that's a bad combination without help.

I told him also that I believe those xanax make him feel this way. I have seen it before with him. they are a very dangerous drug and I think they are damaging his mind and body more than he realizes.

I will keep you posted, Cram, and I appreciate your input. We've been through it all haven't we?
flint, absolutely xanax can make him feel depressed. my son was diagnosed by 1 doc as bipolar. than another as just depression and anxiety.. some days hes good some days hes very down on himself..depending on circumstances. to be honest with you court ordered n.a. meetings are not a great thing..i think that if you go it should be because you want to go. not forced to go! thats the thing with addiction, we cant help them with that..it has to come from them...yes i agree he needs help, all the help you can possibly give him..my son is on antidepressants and topamax (for moods) he sees an addiction therapist. and an addiction pdoc. I also have to tell you that bipolar symptons mimic drug abuse symptoms and vice versa.. its a total nightmare..he cant be helped for any of the mental problems until he stays off drugs..the meds dont work well with illegal drug use. it makes a huge mess out of things. believe me i am a mother hen too.. i quit my job so i can keep my eyes on my son ..i was worried for his life..:(
You have to fix what ever it is that made him fail again. If you think it is bipolar or anxiety or depression he will never be free of wanting the calming feeling that xanax gives him or he thinks xanax gives him.

Find a psychiatrist through recommendations. They are the only ones who can assess him and monitor his medications.

Relapsing is hard on them and us. Flint becareful, as I understand it when they relapse they pick up where they left off and their bodies aren't used to it, he could od.

We are their safety net but are we hurting them or harming them? My son held me hostage for years with the fear in my mind that he had no where to go. He has rented rooms and now he is being housed by social services. There are options. And if he has a mental illness, there are many options.

I have walked in your shoes, I am walking in your shoes, I will walk again in your shoes. You are me and I am you. But one day we will be sitting on a porch, watching our sons as fathers playing with their children and this will be a distant memory. cram315