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I'm a 41 yr old female who is fairly healthy except for my herniated disc in my neck.

On Tuesday of this week after I walked into my office from my car, which is a longer walk than normal, I noticed my heart was racing and I felt very shaky and speedy feeling. I felt like I couldnt take a deep breath or catch my breath at all.

I had eaten some yogurt earlier but went down to get some orange juice and a fiber bar. After eating that I still felt the same way. This was Tuesday and it went on and off for most of the day.

Tuesday night I didnt sleep at all and felt like I had taken speed or something. I tossed and turned all night. Normally I sleep like a rock.

Wednesday when going into the office again it happened. I started to get worried since I couldnt catch my breath again and my chest was feeling tight.

I went to my chiropractor because in the past my rib cage moves somehow and it wont allow me to take a deep breath so they adjust it. I felt somewhat better but not completely.

I then went to my family Dr. He took EKG, which was normal. He also did thyroid blood work and it was okay. My heart rate was 111 at the time of the appt. He gave me some Xanax to try and told me to get a chest xray.

I came home and took the Xanax and it knocked me out cold. I felt somewhat better after waking.

But today after being outside for 20 minutes pulling weeds, it came back rapidly. I dont know if it was the heat or bending over that made it reoccur. I had a cup of coffee this morning and a cherry pie for breakfast. So now I'm wondering after reading posts here could this be GERD??? It is running my life and I hate this. If I take the Xanax I'm asleep for hours and waste my days. :(

Any advice of what to do next??