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Also, did either of you ever take Xanax for anxiety? I am in the same boat as you Anne...I know I need to go on something after suffering from a very long illness and being housebound for a very long time. Thanks

People assume they start taking medication and all of a sudden the sun comes out from behind the clouds. It does not work this way. Medication can help when the right med at the right dosage is found. This is done by experimenting through different drugs at four to six week intervals. I went off work in May 2005 and put on meds in November of the same year I was hospitalized as Paxil put me over the edge during the two month stay that followed they finaly figured out a combo that would work for me. This combo gets me out of bed, slows down the suicidal ideation, killed the majority of emotions that I do have and left me with the shell of a man I use to be but I am still alive for whatever that is worth. Antidepressants are not going to make you happy with the right one it gives you the clarity and ambition to start climbing out of the hole. Do not put all of your eggs in the medication basket.

Xanax for the most part is meant for short term use only and it is one of the most abused prescription meds out there

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Hi Sophie. I was prescribed 10mg Celexa daily to start the first week, and then 20mg daily. I wouldn't exactly call it anxiety, but I was very jittery and physically restless, like I couldn't sit still in my chair at all. I also had nausea the first several weeks and fatigue, to which I became accustomed and simply went to bed earlier to get more hours of sleep. Sorry, I haven't tried Xanax. I have yet to try Zoloft for anxiety and irritability. My obgyn keeps pushing me on it, but for some reason I am resisting her. Good luck with finding the right medication.