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I've also dealt with depression and anxiety and other mental health issues (OCD, eating disorders). For years, I did take medication, but I always had some side effects to contend with, and I did get to a point where I stabilized enough that I felt medication was hurting me more than helping me. About a year before TTC, I tapered off my meds, except I was still taking Xanax on an as-needed basis for panic attacks. Since becoming pregnant, I haven't taken any meds, but also my anxiety & depression has fortunately lessened with pregnancy. I haven't even had a panic attack since I found out I was pregnant in early April, and while I hadn't had them often, I used to have full-blown panic attacks once every 3 weeks or so.

Some things I did find help. Cut out all caffeine from your diet, especially coffee & soda. These are things you should limit anyway with pregnancy, but I stopped drinking them entirely except maybe once or twice a month when we go see a movie, I'll have a soda. I've been taking DHA Omega-3 fatty acids daily throughout my pregnancy in addition to my prenatal vitamin (basically, I'm just taking fish oil pills--as long as you trust the company you buy them from, they should be filtered of mercury & heavy metals; some companies market specifically to pregnant women, but those pills tend to be more expensive); I discovered pre-pregnancy that fish oil pills had a positive impact on my anxiety levels. I also am still exercising regularly. Granted, I've had to slow it down quite a bit now (I'm 26 weeks), but the regular exercise seems to be key to helping my mood & anxiety levels. Of course, I've been lucky and don't have any problems with my pregnancy that mean I can't exercise. So I go walking 4 days a week or so.

I do have to 2nd the PP on cognitive behavior therapy. This is what I used to overcome both my eating disorder (anorexia) and severe depression & anxiety.

I'm still a worrier, but it's nowhere as extreme as it has been in the past.