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MISTYEYZE,im sitting here writing its 7:56am,ok what my plans for tofay is clean house take a shower id take the dog for a walk but im under ALOT of stress due from my 15 yr old daughter shes in inpatient for cutting she comes home friday but its more then her its my whole life like my hubby does not know what us women go through during menopause anyway my husband dont but i will ost all that on another board ,ok i will do what i said above but on the walks i cant cause i faint if i take even a short walk i tried walkinf back in june and blackedout i have horrible headaches and its all stress related but for today i will start by cleaning house ,taking a bath and call my daughter if she wants me too shes a difficult teenager but they put her on zoloft she makes me at times feel like running away she makes me feel like im the gulty one when she yells and says stuff to me i hate this meno but im going on HRT and i hope it works but thats my plan so far and i allready took my b-12 misty have you heard of them and id take a energy drink can i if im on high b/p meds .xanax.and darvacets i take them for headaches but they work some but not totally but they are better then the otc stuff ...
i will keep posting what i do everyday ...
my gyn is doing pelvic ultra sound first then wants to talk to me about the HRT from what i hear they are safe no breast cancer nor clots in my family so now im confused i cant handle anti d's the only one i found that worked for me was the zoloft but anti d's dont replace the hormones we loose and i too am in post meno and for me its horrid unless its stress also i cry and im depressed and im crabby and have them terrible panic attacks so im going to hear what gyn says about HRT before i take them my sister just started on hers my mom took them for a yr and shes 71 now and had no probs at all.im 45 and i lost 1 ovary and tube in jan 2006 other then the crying thats all except for my fainting but im seeing a nero dr for that along with the headaches ,my plan today is
1.clean house
2.take a shower
3.go get my daughter from hospital
im so happy shes coming home they put her on meds zoloft 25mg and says they think its bipolar since it does run in my family
but im going to do whatever it takes to make us closer as a family my gyn is sending a pamplet to my husband so he can read up on menopause so he will try to understand what im going through .
id love to take the dog for a walk but to scared id faint but hopeing the nero dr figures out whats causeing this can severe panic cause fainting /falling down spells ???
and misty would those drinks you mentioned hurt me if i take b/p meds and the xanax and darvacets???
also if im on 3 -1 mg xanax a day for panic can that cause the fainting???
i was told by the psychiatrist it wouldnt but i dont know i been on them allmost 2 yrs ,so in your opinion which is better for us HRT or anti d'd???
gods :angel: