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TITCHOU...thanks for responding well i havent went 12 mos yet but im going on 10 mos so thats pretty close .im deep;y depressed which i think meno does this plus under alot of stress but thats a totally different story i will write that on the stress boards.so being on them 5 yrs makes you feel like yourself again ? like im asking it helpes with hotfluses,depression,crying,mood swings,crabbiness .sleep .and what anout the energy i do have some energy and the strange thing with me is this for allmost 2 yrs i suffered with thyrold disoder well i stopped my meds cause they were causing me alot of trouble so i stopped them for 8 weeks and all the symtons went away and went to gyn and my tsh is normal 2.8 and t4 is midrange 8.2 and i mfeel good except for the stress my husband dont even want to try to understand whats going on plus does the HRT help with the panic attacks? if not i take xanax i was told i have a panic disorder.so i get mine next week and onemore question does it help with the anxiety /panic or is this something totally different?? and what about the sexdrive ? as of right now i dont care if i have it or not later i will write on the stress boards and you can see why im so stressed if you would like ,i will write sometime today not sure when but keep checking and find me and you will see all my stress my level of stress is skyhigh.....
GODS PRESIOUS :angel: THANKS SO MUCH ..oh and if taking them for life is this also save??? if gyn says to take for life they must be right,,, and they are totally different then way back when my mother took them .i get mine next week when husband gets paid as i cant afford them till then and how soon till they start working???
hi ladies .well i had to start back on my prempro i stopped them for a short time cause i thought i was having side effects but found out it wasnt the prempro ,and oh boy my depression came back and my crying and among other things im staying on them i do smoke but getting ready to start chantix to help me stop smoking cause i hear its bad if we smoke and i dont need more trouble .ok and i was on activella too and they wasnt working as well so i went back to prempro i have no hotflashes im cold more then hot but my worst symton was the crying and depression and the reason i choose HRT over anti d's is for one i have tried many none helped me at all plus they make me sleepy the prempro gives me energy i also take xanax but im trying to get the dr to switch me to klonipins the dr i have now wont but hes leaving so im asking the new dr they give me i never tried klonipins but my sister says there better then xanax said xanax makes you feel so tired and cant do much which i think at times is true but i dont want klonipins if they wont help i never tried them so i have no idea how they work so for now im on xanax .why is it that when we go into meno we get the anxiety ?? i have had it my whole life but never had to use any benzos till after my ovary was removed in jan 06 .i did have a period while on my HRT is this normal or does this mean im not all the way in meno i had my last period dec 06 then another one was nov 07 this yr so thats close to a yr .but i do know that the prempro stops my crying spells and no way can i live with that id wake up crying and cry allday long sometimes and i mean real bad too so far this is my 2nd week on prempro again and i have not cried since i do have the anxiety though which oh how i hate does the anxiety go away i sure hope so .and if my gyn said i can take for life then most likely i can right as long as im checked every yr while on them ,i sure wish i had went to my gyn before i did then they may have been able to save my ovary see back in 1996 a dr saw a small cyct on my ovary and just said oh well it will go away on its own well it didnt so from 1996 to 2005 it grew but i was checked normal but none of the drs found it till nov 2005 but thank goodness it wasnt cancer so from jan 2006 to 2007 i went into sudden meno right?? i never had too much hotflashes i mainly had the crying and depression and i told this mental ward this and they didnt believe me and wanted to put me on anti d's well why take if they dont help right plus they dont replace the hormones like the HRT DOES . well does anyone else have any good news about HRT or bad meno symtons ???
thanks vickie:angel: