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On my off days (and not the work kind... I wish!), I usually feel worse in the morning and then things get better throughout the day. But when I go to bed and try to sleep, it gets bad. I don't think it's so much that the physical symptoms increase but that I'm more aware of them because it's quiet, no distraction, I can focus on everything that feels weird, and it freaks me out and I can't go to sleep.

I think it's "just" the anxiety but sometimes it's literally gotten so bad that I had to take xanax or I would've gone into full-blown anxiety attack mode. The last couple of nights I've turned on the TV when I went to bed, and that seemed to help a little. Some light, noise, distraction, I suppose.

Anyone else familiar with this? And if so, how do you deal with it? When I'm not feeling so hot, I dread going to bed. When I feel pretty good dizziness wise, I'm asleep in less than 5 mins.
I know exactly how you feel. A couple weeks ago was my S.O.'s birthday and of course I felt like all hell that day. I felt so bad that I couldn't really do much for him. It got a little better towards the evening (thanks to xanax, lol) so we did the eating thing with our friends as planned. But I was still feeling off and only half there (also thanks to xanax...).

It's things like this, the family things, vacations, etc., when this illness or whatever you want to call it, really brings me down and I hate it so so much.

[quote]I used to go out once a month with my husband - we would go to a movie and then to dinner afterwards. Haven't done that in a while either. I feel so rotten at night. I can't wait to just go to sleep and get the day over with.

We used to do the same thing! Go out a couple times a month, just us time. Now we haven't been out forever. Ugh.
Refresh my memory. Your GP gave you a preliminary BPPV diagnosis, right? He hasn't sent you to a specialist yet (other than the MRI and neuro appt), correct? Have you had the Epley done?

Have you tried doing any of the balance VRTs? Those might help a little, if only to make you feel more comfortable and confident.

I know what you mean when your brain just doesn't stop thinking even though you just want to sleep. That's not it. I think the reason I can't sleep is mostly the anxiety. When I close my eyes, I start feeling floaty sometimes, and when it's dark and quiet with nothing there to distract me, I start focusing on every little "off" thing and can't stop. It's miserable.

I've tried relaxation exercises, breathing, etc., but can't seem to snap out of it once it's started. Last night I took half a xanax before bed just to make sure I'd be able to get some sleep. But of course that's not something I want to make a habit out of. On the other hand, perhaps I should do that for a couple more nights to stop the assocation of bed/night = anxiety.

It sucks, lol. I LOVE sleeping. >.<
Maybe I need a soundmaker! It's really quiet here at night, that's why I've left the TV on (with sound!) the last few nights. I should probably just go the TV route till I'm over this one instead of taking xanax for the next few nights. Much better. It kinda sucks cause up till last weekend, I've been sleeping really well. Asleep in 5 mins or less, and no waking up or anything. Just really deep, peaceful sleep.

pumama -

In short, Hallpike is the one where you sit, turn your head to the right/left, then lie back quickly, then sit back up. Epley is the one where you turn your head to the side, lie back quickly, wait, turn head to other side, wait, roll over on shoulder, wait, sit up.

Hallpike is used as a test to see if you have BPPV and if so, which ear is affected. Epley treats it.

It sounds like that if you do have BPPV, he didn't clear it. The real spinning shouldn't be there anymore. I'm not sure I understand this, but did he do the maneuver for both ears? Seems kinda weird since you said it's just one ear, right? From what I've read, even if both ears are affected, one is treated first, then the other one, not at the same time. Did he repeat it at all or just one time?

And what did he say is supposed to take a while to go away? The spinning or the lingering symptoms, i.e. nausea, visual problems, off-balance feeling, etc.?
Yea seriously LOL

One night my S.O. put his hand on my neck as if to feel my pulse. Holy crap LOL. I was fine till then but boy did that freak me out. I was like, why is he checking??? Does it seem like there's something wrong with me? Does HE think I'm gonna die?!?!

I think I ended up taking xanax like an hour later cause there was no way in hell I was going to get to sleep otherwise.

I hate stores when I'm not feeling well. This summer it was all hot and humid and we went grocery shopping with my parents. I thought I was going to pass out and die right there. Had to leave the store and sit in the car for a bit till it passed. Somehow I have a hard time dealing with heat and especially humidity now. It makes things worse. Fortunately there isn't too much of that in Cali. Phew.