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Hello Truthseeker,

I will tell you a little bit of my story, which I think may help you a little bit. After I had my second child, I got really depressed. Postpartum or whatever. I've never really been happy on a constant basis at any time in my life and I felt very overwhelmed after having my second child. My husband was such a jerk, I had two little babies ( I had a two year old, also) and I was the head manager at my job. Although I've always been a mildly depressed person, I could always cover it up and put on a good face. I have always been the "golden girl" with my accomplishments and in my social life. It came to a point, though, after my second child was born, where I was really overwhelmed and add postpartum onto that--I was just a mess. While on maternity leave, I would pace the house and look out the windows. I always thought there was someone in the basement who was going to wait until the wee hours of the morning to sneak up and kill me and my children. I didn't want to be around anyone and I just felt plain terrible. I was at the point of anxiety attacks, so I called my primary care doctor. He perscribed celexa and xanax and made me get in touch with a psychologist. The meds started helping right away. The "killer in the basement" thing went away pretty quickly and the pacing stopped. Taking the meds brought on a different set of problems (fuzzy all the time, and a little confused) but they helped take all the really bad stuff away that had taken over my life. It was worth the meds side effects. Talk therapy was very helpful. I knew I had issues and by talking to my therapist it brought those issues to light, made me deal with them (not to complete resolve but at least aknowledging them and learning how they had manifested themselves into my behavior). That's my story. I know it's not the same as yours, but there are some similarities. Meds really did help me. Celexa did poop out on me and I am currently in the middle of a med change (as you may have seen from my crazy posts here) but that is a story for a different day. I never thought I would feel normal again, but I did. It seems to me that the meds you have been given are not the right ones for you. I would really reccomend talk therapy, too. I know you feel it is daunting, but if you find the right person it really does help. Honest. Whatever the traumatic experience was, unless it is still too "fresh" for you, can be opened up in talk therapy. You may sunconsciously feel it is your fault or you could have prevented it of something of that nature. Getting all that out to an educated, unbiased ear really does help. So do the right meds. I wish you luck. It's not an easy road.