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I had a hyst 2 years ago. I am on HRT 0.05mg of Estroderm patch I change 2 x a week.
I have been dealing with an issue. I have been getting this painful swollen Lymph node problem in my underarms. Ithas gotten worse meaning being more frequent. It seems to kick up the night before I have to change my patch, and then stops the day after I change my patch.

Now this pain is nothing new, meaning before and for years I would get this pain, maybe 2-3x tops a year, and thought it was my bra. (lol) So I always blew it off.
Now New Years Eve 2006 I was in such pain in my right underarm and it was so swollen I freaked out. I called my GP the day after New Years Day, but honestly at that point i was just sore, maybe slightly swollen, but alot better at that point. She sent me for a Sonigram and it came back a Lymph Node that I guess is over active and it is Nothing to worry about. THANK GOD.
I also go for my Mamo every year and it is always come back normal.
But now it is more frequent, both underarms and like I said it starts the night before I have to change my HRT. I am hoping I don't have to go on a stronger HRT. I realy rather not. I know lately I have been struggling ALOT with my menopause. I have been going through depressions, crying, can't sleep, aqnxiety, hart pals, you name it...it has been HORRIBLE. At times I don't waqnt to be around me, I can just imagine how other people feel about being around me lately. I am on Xanax, it does help with the mood swings.

I was wondering at least to me this sounds like a hormone issue. Also, has anyone else dealt with this or dealing with this..
Thanks all