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I am on Prozac for anxiety the past month and taking xanax as needed. I notice that xanax makes me more sad and depressed! Is this a side effect of xanax, or the Prozac not working??
I could be that you need to up the prozac. But...... I had severe depression from Xanax about a year ago. I switched to Klonopin and I was fine. Now I am getting those depressed feelings again. So It very well could be.

Is the Prozac not working enough for you to stop taking the xanax?
I am only on 10mg and need to go to 20mg of Prozac so I am prob not getting the full effect of it yet. When I was on paxil, I was fine without xanax but since I eventually want to have a family, the Dr. took me off Paxil because of birth defects.
Even small amounts of xanax taken on a regular basis can make you depressed. It takes up to two weeks for the prozac to start working and a few more weeks for it to work completely. You might have to increase it. Godbless
I am having the same problem with xanax. I have depressive tendencies and am taking Zoloft and Wellbutrin for depression (I know, a lot of antidepressants!). My doctor gave me Xanax for social anxiety. It works like a charm, but because of that I've taken 1.5mg the last five days in a row. I'm sleeping more and feel sooo depressed. It's bad. Xanax can def cause depression.