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Hi guys I have labyrinthitis now for the last 10 weeks. I was on a cruise and the seas were so rough I was also living my nightmare as i am not comfortable with waves who is says you but i have dreams about big waves before this trip. anyway when I disembarked from the ship my trouble started I thought i had a stroke as i could not walk straight and a feeling of complete fear and sickness. I rested up when i got home and it seemed to calm down but not go away, it was bad when i turned around our looked up or down and also when i stooped down my legs seemed to be so week and a feeling that if i stood up they would not carry me. I have visited the doc and prescribed with buccastem and serc 16 to no avail he has now put me on a low dose of xanax 0.25mg which helps me cope. I now have episodes rather then the feeling all the time can anyone concur with me.