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[FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Many years ago I was an addict to painkillers - pot - Lorazapam - Xanax - But I never drank - just did lots of smoking and popping pills. My husband and I were together then - and he partied with some of it too - but he also drank. Beer - DOC. I quit doing everything - cold turkey - no withdraw guidelines - didn't know how dangerous it was - but I survived. My husband stopped all of it too - except the drinking. He isn't your falling down - can't go to work the next day type person - in fact he is the CEO of a fortune 500 company.

The last two years - I have been asking him to stop - slow down - at least. I mean 28 beers in one night is too much. Am I wrong about that? So it has been an issue on and off - told him we may end this by divorce.

The other night - he came to me - crying - and told me that he needs help. He is sick of the drinking. He doesn't want to lose me - he knows it is a bad role model for our daughter - I told him I love him and will whatever he needs to get past it. Thing is - he doesn't want to go to AA - doesn't want to sit around with a bunch of "whiners" complaining about their lives. I told him that I can get infor - but I am not gonna start "telling him he can't drink" - because after a while - he will hate me. He told me he knows I dissaprove. Bet he still feels compelled to drink 20- 30 beers a night. He said he is scared - he doesn't know what to do. Cold turkey doesn't seem to work - he stops for 2-3 days - then has a couple beers - next night - a couple more - the back to the 20+ a night.

I am not knocking AA - I think it is wonderful to have a group of people that can relate to what your feeling. But my husband is very private about what he feels.

Sorry - so long I know - How do I help him? What can I do? Please help - when he was crying and hugging me - he felt so helpless - It is just so darn sad - he was there when I decided to stop - and it wasn't pretty.

Thanks guys - Hugs to all.................Loretta[/FONT]