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Hello OxyDis

Good to see you posting. I am glad to see you have a desire to get off these extraordinarily high doses of opiates. I really hope you are able to do it.

I have come off oxycone myself, although the highest dose I was up to was 60mg a day plus Xanax (off that now, too). I am no professional and no counselor, but I must tell you, I do have some questions for you. In kindness, I ask you if you are truly planning to get off of them? If you are, then total honesty needs to be given to the doctor. So far, you have not been able to do it on your own and, frankly, where has it gotten you? Higher doses, much higher doses and no where else. You are not being truthful with your family, with your doctor, and I am not sure if you are even with yourself.

If I go to a doctor with a pain in my eye and tell him I have a stuffy nose, where would I get? I sure wouldn't get the best health help I could. I don't want in any way to dash your hopes; what I want is for you to be successful in this. And success only comes when we offer full disclosure to those who NEED to know. There is NO WAY a taper off these high dosages is going to happen without a LOT of signals coming from you.. a LOT. Withdrawal under any circumstances, no matter how we tackle it, is unbelievably hard.

Even now, Friend, it sseems there is more happiness in that the Opana will actually be stronger and more potent. Not a good way to start a taper by going stronger it doesn't seem in my thinking. All the reasons are listed as to why you continue on this path. Please reread them.... there are no reasons listed, just excuses. If you don't come clean to get clean, the family you are lying to by ommission (and the doctor) will end up losing all trust in you. You have kids? Do you want to set an example for them to lie when things are tough? C'mon!

These people love and care about you. Don't sell them short for Pete's sake. Do you not think they love you enough to support you through this illness, this huge problem in life? Or are you more afraid that if you come clean and out in the open that you are going to have to give up the pills?

You write that this has been an escalating problem for a number of years. Well, what you have been trying sure hasn't been working. What is different? Nothing that you have put forth. It is good that you have found the courage to post... now the courage must be found to do the things in Reality Land that have been started here. You are going to need real, live support as much, if not more than, the Board. It is scary, I know to spill your soul's darkest secret. However, do it and a huge weight will be lifted from you. Truly. Once we put it out in the open, we feel a greater committment.

Full disclosure. FULL disclosure... no half-truths and lying by ommission if we want all the help we need to get through this. If wanting it badly were enough, addicts would not find themselves out on the streetes ostracized from family and friends. NO addict can do it alone. They have to desire it badly enough to tell the truth and get the real help that is needed.

I am rooting for you. I know those in your life will be rooting even harder if you give them a chance to help you beat this horrible demon.

Best Wishes
Thanks again for all of your support and info - I am feeling stronger than ever in preparing for this.

This time, I have this board, I have some clonidine and some imodium and a bit of Xanax to help, and I feel like I am close to bottoming out mentally and physically. In the back of my mind, I have this hope that Opana will kind of be like a substitute version of Suboxone for my case, neither of which I have tried. If Opana doesn't give the high, and if it has a longer half life, then it does seem like a possible step toward Sub from Oxy. I will try a 3 or 4 week taper on Opana, and I will work on the huge task of telling my wife, and I will give this all I have this time.

Thank You all so much!! Talk to you soon...