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hi IL girl
In answer to your question about the IV Rochephin
I have had Lyme disease for almost 3 years Diagnosed after a long struggle probably much like your husband Took Doxy for 3 months and then it went neurological and had small stroke but am doing much better not there yet It takes a long IV rochephin will cause herxing I have been on it for a year Went through severe herxing Head spinning brain fog convulsions irratability shaking but stuck it out BAD still have the herx but it should get alot mider The irratability can come from the lyme My lyme doc thinks this is more from my co-infections Boy am I a witch sometimes go off on things when people are being rude and family issues that usually would not have bothered me Even with effort on my part I can only control this so much Doctor in Ny put me on lamictal since they believe this may a kind of seizure related issue I also take xanax But when I am in what people refer to lyme rage my heart is racing I am totally angry but I really don't want to be and then I am so embaraased I want to run as far as I can because this is not my past nature and I so much do not want to be like that when it happens It really stinks for both ends I find this happens alot more when I am going through the herx or when I get fatigued no excuse but it is the reallity of the lyme which really is hurtful to others as well If you can please have patience He really is not in control of this
My thoughts are with you and we at the boards know first hand how difficult on the loved ones of ours this can be