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[QUOTE=charlotte67;3310439]I don't understand how they mention that you should get something checked out...then don't tell you? What bull...

She didn't actually recommend I do anything.... which is worse. She discharged me and just said, well just go back to your doctor. Never mentioned this at all. So I told my doctor that I went to the balance center, was diagnosed with BPPV, but still had symptoms. So naturally she believed that everything was being taken care of and nothing much to worry about. Doh.

[quote]I walk 30 mins everyday..but the weekends...well, that is hard. The family is all together..so I tend to enjoy those...and not do the treadmill. I exercise though those days...usually we all go for a walk. I do think it is helping. I think it is calming my eyes down a bit. I still have symptoms, but I believe it is helping.

I hear you lol. I think calming the eyes is a pretty good description. That's kinda what it seems to do for me too. I feel more relaxed.

[quote]Hey, what do you do for work....I think it is great you work 'till 7-8 pm at night with this crap. You are doing GREAT.

Well, I'm self-employed, financial adviser. Since all of this started I've stopped working by myself and pretty much only work with my husband now. It involves a LOT of driving around (going to see clients), and I just couldn't do it on my own anymore. I've been going on appointments no matter what, though, when I felt too horrible, I just took xanax. I don't remember much of those particular appointments... haha ;)

Alexi -

My symptoms are pretty similar to what most people here have. I feel ok on some days, other days I don't feel well - nauseous, slightly off-balance, foggy head type feeling, sometimes at night I get the floating thing. Plus I've been having recurrent BPPV symptoms. Once a month (but not this past month!), I get the real vertigo deal when lying on my right side. Last time it happened, I was able to clear it wiht the MEP on my own. The previous times I just waited for it to go away on its own.

I know what you mean about the doctor's notes. I read through everything my PT wrote down, and I could tell she was spinning things to fit what she wanted to say. :rolleyes: