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Sorry to hear about the leg cramps- I am not a doctor, but I find Flexeril helps for mine I call leg spasms, I also take 2 Xanax at night because I get the leg twitches.

Good luck to you and let us know.

thanks for the tip...is Xanax a prescription drug? And what is it supposed to cure?? Also, is flexiril an over the counter med?
Hi - Acutally Xanax is a very mild tranquilizer so it helps me sleep but I don't wake up with that groggy feeling. Prescription of course.

The Flexeril is also Prescription and that helps with my spasms in my back and at times my legs... I use this only as necessary, this makes me really tired... But my doctor knows I will not take unless I have to...

Hope this helps- I was first put on the Xanax for Panic attacks and Anxiety- I also take an anti-depressant for Depression...I think it all goes with PPS at times...