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Hi all! I was taking Xanax for my panic disorder when I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. Well, I stopped taking it, and my panic attacks were just awful. My doc said if I had to take it, it would be okay. I have taken it several times since then. I am now 14 weeks pregnant. I have researched Xanax and pregnancy on the internet and see now that it is very dangerous to take in the 1st trimester. That is when I took it the most!!!!! :confused: I am terrified now! Has anyone taken Xanax during pregnancy, especially during their 1st trimester? I need some peace of mind from someone who has been through this!! Thanks!!!
I have panic disorder also. I have been getting my panic attacks back too. They suck! I don't take meds for mine but I have heard of people who have taken the med through out there pregnancy on an as needed basis. Basically do what your doc says to do. Sometimes the stress on the baby is worse then the xanax. Its the same thing with my smoking. My doctor said me quitting with my anxiety would make me a mess so just cut down as much as possible. Yes I feel horrible, but I am keeping it together, and thats really all that matters.
I too have panic attacks (I took ativan for mine... close relation to Xanax, I've taken that too in the past) and my doctor told me I wasn't allowed to take anything like that (something that's a mild tranqualizer...basically) and instead prescribed me beta-blockers. Those have been working just fine as needed, and without getting the symptoms that come w/ my anxiety attacks it's been much easier to avoid getting them (which is basically what the betablockers do..). They're totally safe during pregnancy, it might be something to consider trying?

Good luck in whatever you do, I'm sure your doctor knows best what will work in your specific situation!