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[QUOTE=lbreeze;3366715]Hello Sari,

I'm glad to hear that you are improving. Are you taking meds as well as going to therapy? The way you described your anxiety sound so much like what I go through, especially before showers. Do you ritualize during your showers? I am trying so hard to break that habit but I always feel like I've somehow neglected to wash appropriately. I've tried to just live with the anxiety, but I will ruminate for hours over whether or not I washed my face, my hair, whatever. To avoid that I usually end up spending a lot more time than necessary essentially reshowering as to erase any doubt that I didn't do it "right" or "completely". As I'm sure you know how miserable that feels. Has anything worked to ease your anxiety about showers in particular?

Hi lbreeze,

I am taking meds, I am taking Geodon and Clomipramine. I am not getting any therapy right now because I haven't found a new Psychologist yet, but I will find one soon. Tomorrow Dec 31st, I am going back to my Psychiatrist for a check-up on my meds. I will ask my Psychiatrist about who I should see for therapy on my OCD.

I still do my ritual's during my shower, but they are getting better. I have a wind-up clock in the bathroom that has a alarm on it. I set the alarm for 15-20 minutes before I shower. When the alarm goes off, it tells me that I need to rinse off and get out. Also I get nervous alot before I shower, I exercise
and I take a Xanax before shower. Also sometimes I do breathing techniques before I shower too.

You should buy yourself a wind-up clock with a alarm on it for when you shower, it really does help. That's what I would do. Are you on any meds?
Are you getting therapy for your OCD? Just wondering, I totally understand what you are going through.

Anyway I wish you the best of luck on your OCD, it isn't easy. It's really hard to beat, I know. Keep us posted on how you are doing, we understand and care. You are not alone in this. :)
[QUOTE=lbreeze;3372681]Hey Sari,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the sentiments. Thanks also for the advice. The alarm clock for the shower is a good idea.

To answer your question, I'm not on meds and I do not see a therapist. I'm trying to coach myself through cbt and it's helping but it's very gradual. I may have mentioned it already in this thread but it almost seems the harder I work to overcome it, the more powerful it gets. But, I'm able to function normally. My social life is probably the one aspect of my life that's affected the most however.

Thanks again and good luck to you!

Hi lbreeze,

Happy New Year to you too!!!I am really glad that you took my advice, and you're welcome. Also you should see a Psychologist or Psychiatrist and take some medication for your OCD. It will help you get your OCD under control. It is really hard to overcome your OCD, it's like a addiction. I think that OCD is a hungry monster.

What are your Obsessions? That is if you don't mind me asking you that.
My Obsessions are: washing, germs, checking things, and a little bit counting.
But my biggest obsession is washing, I feel like I need to wash my body and clothes all the time. It drives me crazy. Also what really helps me is that I take a shower every other day, sometimes I take one every 3 days. I hate taking showers because all of the washing that I do on my body.

Also sometimes before I take a shower, I take a Xanax to help me feel relaxed about it. I get really nervous before I shower, taking a shower is a big deal to me. Every once in a while, I take a bath, I like to take a bath better than taking a shower.

Anyway I hope that everything is going good for you, and I wish you good luck on your OCD. I know that it isn't easy. But you have to do it, because you don't want your OCD to get worse.

Keep us posted on your OCD. :)