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hi everyone im here on the depression boards for the first time but i came here since im suffering so bad with severe depression .here's my story in jan 06 i had my left ovary and tube removed i went into sudden meno then about 2 mos later my hormones leveled out and i started feeling better again i was terrifed about being alone and didnt go anywhere but 2 weeks after my surgery i had a bad bad panic attack so i called 911 cause i didnt know what was going on .in july 06 i started being able to get out my dr i had then put me on effexor xr 75 mgs took from june 06 till feb 07 i got worse not better he even tried me on the 150mgs i felt worse then ever alls i did was sleep all day and was waking up 3-4 hrs ahead during the morning i cried all the time i was so depressed i was sent to a psychiatrist and he found out i had thyrold disorder it was a 9.so i started thyrold meds and i started feeling better ok in june 07 i blackedout on the sidewalk i was still having fainting spells which started in sept 06 just ever so often then in june 07 after my blackout i stopped the thyrold meds and my tsh went down to 2.6 without meds ok last time it was checked it went back up to 4.2 that was in sept i think .iam in meno i know that but could it be possible that my tsh went up again cause when it was up before i was hypo, i cried then too before i was all the way in meno im willing to take something for depression i just dont want any that makes me sleep alot and also i have the bad panic and currently on 1 mg xanax but my neuro dr is going to switch me to klonipins does any of you know if klonipins will help better and what is a good anti d i dont really like the idea of taking anti d's im on prempro (HRT) BUT THEY DONT SEEM TO BE HELPING .and please anyone with info about klonipins see im also having seizures i believe and klonipins are for seizure/anxiety in one pill im seeing psychiatrist jan 22nd but would my internal dr maybe put me on something for depression .so far i have tried
celexa which i liked
effexor xr this one was the worst.
so do any of you have any kind of advice i have been dianosed as having a depressive disorder or do any of you think its my seizures or maybe my thyrold .
i have good days and bad days i just want to be happy again.....
thanks vickie