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thanks trg ,im starting the meds tomorrow and i only wanted something to stop my crying spells which is some type of depression i didnt need a strong one so is Wellbutrin a mild one see im not depressed everyday just here and there see im also in meno and i was on prempro but they wasnt working and caused too many probs so i had to stop them and i have had panic my whole life and up untill feb 06 i never took anything for panic i now take xanax (gen) 1 mg 3 times a day plus my depression could also be caused from my seizures i tried 1 mg klonipins (gen) and the first day they worked great the 2nd day they wouldnt calm me down for nothing so i had to go back on xanax so while you were on them did they make you sleepy or tired or how did you do on them i dont know about the smoking but the dr told me it helps people quit smoking i dont smoke alot maybe a pack a day or less but my main reason for wanting something was my mood swings one min im happy the next i may be crying but the biggest reason for this is because i passout or rather blackout and have my seizures and that depresses me for one im 45 and i have to use a wheelchair if i ever go anyplace and i cant drive cant take walks or go back to work till the neuro dr gets me on the right medications ,and its been since sept 06 since i first started having my passingout spells and i just didnt know what was wrong with me and im finally getting closer to finding the reason for my falls or seizures rather i see my neuro dr on jan 10th ,today im happy but each day is different .so im just wondering is the Wellbutrin a good chiose for moods or some depression?? if it dont work i can allways tell him i thought the HRT would help but it didnt .so can you give me as much info on the Wellbutrin as you can and is 150mg a high dose or is that the dose it comes in??
thanks any info would be helpfull if not do you know of a good anti d thats good one thats not hard to come off of and not alot of side effects .now i do wish i could get rid of the panic but the dr said alot of people with seizures also have anxiety /panic disorder and maybe my depression is from my anxiety cause they say anxiety does have depression along with it.
thanks vickie:angel: