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i took prempro hormone replacements for 2 mos at first they helped and i felt great but after the 1st month i started feeling bad my stomach hurt all the time and i cried nonstop so i stopped .and i have no motivation what so ever i can clean and stuff but i have to make myself do it i also suffer from seizures so would my gyn try me on something else i dont get hot alot im more cold then hot and i sleep ok but thats because i take a xanax at bedtime .my main thing going on is my crying i can go for like a month with no crying then boom i will have crying spells again .not sure if this is all meno but im also depressed because of my seizures i cant drive cant work cant go anywhere without passingout with a seizure i do see neuro dr the 10th i was going to try anti d's but my dr put me on welbrutin and the drugstore said not to if i been having seizures i tried paxil,zoloft,celexa and effexor xr .and is the HRT meds safe and a good choise see i smoke but im trying to quit but i just want my crying spells to stop and i have everything except for my left ovary and tube which was removed jan 31st 2006.
need some advice.