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I suffer from terrible anxiety and my doc gave me .25 of xanax to take when I terrible attacks hits. I also take 20mg of Lexapro daily.
Well recently my attacks have been pretty bad ( family problems ) and 1 xanax is just not helping at all.
Is it safe to take 2 at once. The bottle says take 3x a day as needed but nothing about taking 2 at once.

I am such a freak when it comes to medicines so I am afraid to do it.

Every time you are going to change a dosage level of your doctor go through your doctor first just to be on the safe side. Adding another pill may seem worse but there is a solid reason why the medication is prescribed as it is. Most people get use to Xanax pretty quickly so it not working as well is pretty common especially if you are taking it often.

take care
Hi...I too am taking xanax. I know what you are going through. Please ask your doctor to increase the doseage amount. I started taking the .25 like you but now am on 1 MG three times a day. Hopefully you will not have to take this strong of doseage but to be on the safe side...contact your dr. first before taking any more then what the prescription saids to take. Take care and GOD BLESS!