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I know how you feel, I was a manager at a company & I had a "new" girl competeing with me over my job. I take pride in my work, it really defined me, there were times I worked 20+ overtime hours a week, just to help out. There were countless hrs I stayed after close to complete tasks that weren't even my responsibility (and I never even got paid for this ). I did alot of networking for the company, on my own time, never compensated for.

There is more to the story, but I know how it feels to put ALL of yourself into something, only to reap no rewards. They say never to bring your work home with you- but it's not something you can just put out of your mind. I ended up quitting my job (which is another fun story in itself)...which is 1 of the results of my current depression.

I would really look into anti-depressant meds...I felt like a loser (I don't know why) for haveing it get that bad that I needed "help". But to be honest, that is the best thing I ever did for myself...and you know what, it feels damn good finally doing something for ME for a change.

I am currently on 60mg of Cymbalta (for depression & general anxiety) I also have a short term script of .25mg Xanax to take as needed for anxiety. I wish I was on these meds back when I was still working, because I really wouldn't have let the stress of work effect me. I have been on the meds for about 1.5 weeks & have noticed a HUGE differance. I have developed this "I don't care" attitude...not in the reckless sense, but in the sense that "***** happens, oh well". If that makes any sense.

I would talk to your doctor, weigh out your options. Maybe just take some meds "short term" to get you out of the funk...or maybe you will find long term treatment is better. Best of luck to you, you will come out on top!