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My dad just died and my reg. docotor gave me Klonopin 1mg to take so I can keep it together to work, help my mom & plan all the arrangements.

I just went to see a new therapist to help with the greiving & my depression (currently on wellburtrin xl 300mg) & he said I shouldn't be on klonopin to help for anything & he doesn't prescribe things like xanax or any other of those types because they are like heroin. ***I told him I take Xanax for my fear of flying, which is 3x a year, and he siad he won't prescribe that to me, but also didn't address how i'm going to get over my anxiety with flying.

For sleeping problems he prescribed me Desyrel (Trazodone) which he said is an anti-depressant but will help me sleep.

Is it safe to take 2 anti depressants? Why not just prescribe something else for sleep instead of another antidepressant. **He's also against ambien
I have had this many times in my experience - doctors not wanting to prescribe you certain things because they feel you aren't suited for them. Not only that, but due to the certain repuations of drugs such as xanax being quite addictive it makes some doctors very reluctant to want to prescribe them in the fear of having a patient addicted to them. I think the only you can do is get another opinion - that's what I do.
i just don't understand y he won't prescribe that temporarirly to cope with this death, it's not like i would need it all the time.

I have a lot of xanax pills at home that i use when i travel, but i never think about using them for anything else. When I tried to take the xanax to deal with this death it did nothing & that's why I went to my reg doc for something else.

I'm going to go back to my other psychiatrist group & see if they will help me. The only reason why I left that group was because the therapist they gave me was horrible & we didn't click, but I can still use the nurse there for meds.
It seems odd to me that drs. do this. If you were in physical pain would they with hold pain meds because they are addictive? We are in psychic pain. I understand that alot of them want you on an antidepressant. These drugs are not psychologically addictive but you do have withdrawals if you go off of them at once. They should at least give you xanax until the other prescribed meds kick in. Godbless