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I think your son truly meant what he said when he was home. I believe he knows that he is on a bad track, knows also that what SHE is doing is bad news. However, I am sure that by Sunday when he left, withdrawal was setting in and he just does not have the skills to cope with it. Flint, coming off the Xanax truly took everything in me and a lot of help from others. I think Son is backed into a corner with his addiction. For me, there were times of desperation coming off Xanax. It really was worse than the oxycodone withdrawal. The anxiety levels reach such high peaks that without tremendous support it is really, really hard to handle. I think he truly does mean what he says to you, just doesn't have the resources to handle staying commited to it. Honestly, I would try to run away from my family because of shame if I kept relapsing. Somewhere, somewhere deep inside him is the son you raised. I know you are willing to help him and would stand on your head to do so. I just don't think he believes he can really be helped. Sigh. What a crummy, rotten dilemma. Geeze. I wish I could give you some words of wisdom to tell him how there really is help that can honestly work no matter how addicted we are and make him believe it. Ah, all I can do is tell you that I will keep him in prayer. Tonight I will hold him up and ask that he finds hope, that he can believe that he can get past this.

[COLOR="Blue"]his voice cracks like it did when he was 12 and at boy scout camp.

That made me cry. And I think you hit the nail right on the head. he is a scared little boy. In the beginning of my tapering, I was scared out of my wits... literally. I felt utterly helpless and hopeless. God, I wanted to be better, but I had a lot of doubts that it was really going to happen. I really thought I was too far gone. Something that helped me a great deal at that point was that my support system, especially my husband and family doctor, told me often, "you are going to be okay." I clung to those words for my very life. Even when I doubted them, I clung to them and I do believe that those affirmations were a vital part of staying the course.

Moms, I am a mom, too. I do understand the despair, the hurt, the torment of seeing your boys in these conditions to some extent. However, because addiction is also a part of me, I also have great empathy for these boys. I know I had been defiant about my addiction, but in part it was the huge fear of withdrawal. Huge. I, too, reverted to 12 years old in withdrawal for a while. I did care that my drug abuse was impacting my family. I cared tremendously. I just didn't know how to get out from under it.

I guess that something I want to say to you is that even though they are acting totally unacceptably, don't doubt that they still love you. They do. I know they do. As much as you are hurting, please remember that they do love you. The bonds are strong. However much they are stumbling through life right now, they still keep some sort of contact. The bonds are there. The love is there.

Holding you all up
She's an only child....her mother divorced her dad when she was small and remarried...her stepdad doesn't trust her either...her dad committed suicide 5-6 years ago...alcoholic.......her mother is miserable...she doesn't do anything but give her money just to keep her away.....I have given her the benefit of doubt and tried to like her and help her. It all blew up in my face with lies and stealing....so I'm done with her. She's got mental issues....and yes he did lvoe her at one time, prob still does.......and that's fine. but she will never be welcome in my home and he understands that. he has stooped to her level. They have the xanax in common. her mother closes her eyes to it all so she doesnt' have to deal with it.

But that's no reason to beg to come home and stay 2 days and be gone and not call, nothing. I don't worry about anymore...I have just given it to the Lord and whatever happens...happens. he will show up. he has no clothes with him...only his bank account....student loan leftover money...not going to school.......just spending the money and I'm sure she is helping........so......there you go. We just keep praying and hoping.....keep me posted on your son, I am truly waiting on great things to heppen in his life!!!
Mom has blinders on all the time. She is 25...........girl went to emergency room once because she had a seizure at work. I took my son there to check on her, and before her mom got there, i asked her if she had any xanax....she said only the ones my doc gave me. she had taken the whole script in 4 days....doc at emergency room told her mom, and she never said a word...
what a moron...seizures will come from xanax withdrawel as im sure i told you a million times..my son had 2 and its not a pretty site..that baby is going to be born right into withdrawels..newborns have seizures all the time from their moms benzo abuse..poor thing.
flint, you contacted them? wow, do it again online..is xanax the only drug hes on? not that its not enough..im just wondering? my husband and i watch it every week..my son to my best knowledge has not used needles..it makes me so sad to see those young people sticking them into themselves..its also so sad to see that most of them go back to drugs..the relapse statistics are terrible..everything im learning about addiction points to a constant fight against it..like its an uphill battle. I spoke to my sons counselor yesterday and he told me that he was setting up an outpatient appt for him for next week. so he comes home on sunday than starts outpatient hopefully monday or tuesday..dont forget my son was inpatient for 30 days last year..so this is his 2nd time..i can honestly says he sounds different this time ,,more mature..he called my parents and they said the same thing to me..Im so scared to say anything positive because i have in the past and he screwed up after that..we have done all we can for him..that i can say to myself and mean it..Anyway flint, an intervention would be a good thing for your son, it doesnt have to be from the show..somebody once told me to film him with a video camera when he was high and thean show it to him when he was sober..sometimes they really dont know how ridiocoulous they are.it might help with the denial..he has to admit his problem to himself before he can allow you guys to help him..im sure you will if he comes clean with you. Again, i dont know which way my son is going to go, the good path or the bad path..i keep praying he does the right thing..thats all we can do...
Yes, xanax and weed...........all he does, not to say he hasn't done more in his short lifetime. Never needles.........no speed......only downers......I family members emailed intervention too, so they got about 6 emails.............but nothing. Your son will make it this time!! I just know it.............:)
hmm, downers for my son too..opiodes and xanax are depressants..he was always full of anxiety. never cocaine or uppers..always looked to be 'relaxed"