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I know what you mean! I have alot of symptoms that really worry and stress me out. When my throat gets like that I usually take a xanax.
Breathing problems are my main symptom of GERD - and I really HATE THEM... I am currently going through a 'bad time' with them (after feeling much better for a few weeks). SEVERE chest tightness, like someone is wrapping a belt around me and pulling in my lower chest - then it creeps into my upper chest like when someone grabs your shirt with their fist right in the middle of your chest and pulls. It kept me up ALL night last night and bothered me at work all day.

I have asthma medications - I tried my rescue inhaler when it got really bad and it did NOTHING....

I do have Xanax also - because sometimes it is so scary that I cannot calm down no matter WHAT I do. I worry that I will stop breathing - or that maybe it is something other than GERD and I will not survive it.

Yes, when it gets bad - all the bad thoughts start up again.

I have been cutting back my asthma medications because I do not think it is helping with my breathing and it makes GERD WORSE.... I also was down to only (1) cup of coffee per day - and within the last two weeks I have tripled that - I know that was so WRONG to do... Coffee is my weakness :(

So last night when the breathing got bad I started freakin out trying to figure out if it was GERD or if maybe I really do have asthma and trying to cut back the asthma medication was causing me problems.

I am so CONFUSED and SICK :( My regular Dr. thinks its ALL GERD, my Pulmonolgist (even though I have had all FINE breathing tests) thinks its asthma and GERD.... And because I RADICALLY changed my diet at the same time I doubled my asthma meds - not sure which was making me feel better. And now its all bad again.

Sorry for the long post - its been a bad day and I am so depressed. I HATE not breathing right.

What does your breathing problems feel like? Sometimes mine start in my back right where my stomach is and creep up my back pulling and tightening and then creeping around the front ALWAYS worse when I am sitting or in bed at night (even though I prop).... :(