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Hello everyone janet, cheryl, phyllis, and all that are here, man i see we get a lot of veiws, but not many posts lol, oh well. Here is a list of my meds. Lorcet plus, nuretron, flexerl, and xanax. Have tryed others to no avail but some meds respond different to different people. The nuretron I take at bed time along with a lorcet, flexerl and xanax this helps me relax so I can sleep. I don't wake up droggy. Nuretron is used by many different reasons depending on the person and their condition. My dr. said that it would help to stemulate the nevers that I have left in my lower body, and they do help me, but may not help others, because our bodys can reject any meds. The best med. i took for my joints was vioxx but it was removed and no longer avalable. It did harm to some but was good for me. The one thing we can do to help ourselves is to be truthful with our drs. so they will know what meds. we take what works and what don't, because some meds. will interfear with other meds. we take. My first dr. didn't know anything about pps when I started seeing him, but he was willing to learn, and he did. He was a good dr. that took time to listen like you were the only one he had to see that day. He was not only concerned about my physical health, but also my mental health. So when I say be honest with your dr. please do because he mostly relies on what we tell them. In this way he will know how to help. So again when taking any meds. listen to your body it can tell you what is working and what is not. have a good day, and remember PRYS (polio remember your systoms) Ronnie::angel:
Hey all

I was on Neurotin last year- and took it a night- when I went to the Post Polio Clininc it was suggested to not take that. I guess it is more for people that have diabetes with nerve pain(plus the fact it adds to the fatigue- at least for me) I take up to 6 lortabs for pain a day, Flexeril for the spasms and only as needed- I have been on Xanax since 2005, I take .5 up to 3 tabs as needed(I was having panic attacks) - Zoloft for depression, then I take Lisinopril and another BP for high blood pressure.

So that is my list to pills and I hate taking the pain meds- but it eases thepain down enough so I can walk and move better.

Hugs Janet