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I have been off sub for 6 days and it is hard! Like hard to get up and get going in the morning, back pain that feels deep and to the core of my spine.
No energy is the biggest obstacle for me at this point. I take aleve for the pain and it helped alot and also a heating pad on my back gives some relief. Another big problem is sleeping, not as much going to sleep but waking up at night in pain and feeling a nervous energy. The chills and goosebumps are gone and the burning pain down my legs has stopped. Again it is the energy level that is having a big drawback on my recovery. I have taken xanax to calm me down when I feel extra anxious, and I drink alcohol on occasion to feel "better" but it only makes me feel worse in the end. I remember when I found a doctor that knew about suboxone I thought my troubles were over, I had found a magic drug that gets you off methadone and takes care of withdrawls at the same time. 2 things worried me, one a girl in the waiting room told me at NA meetings they don't consider you clean if still on suboxone and the other was the fact that I was in severe withdrwl from meth and within an hour of taking 2- 8mg tabs I felt O.K. I felt then that complete recovery was a long way off as long as I was on sub. Well I am no longer on sub and feel like just last night I had turned a corner but woke this morning feeling bad. It doesn't happen overnight but it does slooowly get better. Like losing a loved one only time can heal that type of wound, much the same as abusing meth for 12 yrs it is going to take time for me to heal. I have faith in God that He has given me the strength to push foward with my recovery and nothing will stop me.
Hello friend! It sounds as though your where your supposed to be with the detox... Just try to remember the crappier you feel, the better your getting!! I have found that B-12 (sublingual) helps get your energy levels up greatly. I also read there is L-tyrosine that you can get at a vitamin shop that also helps with boosting energy levels, but you do not want to take that with any benzo (xanax, ativan, restoril) Your friend you met that told you about Suboxone is absolutly right when it comes to the NA meeting this goes as well as the Alcohol. But please dont think your not welcome there, you are!! You just cant "share" if you used that day and if you were clean that day, that would be an awesome opportunity to pick up your first chip! I cant say enough about NA and AA. Addiction does not discrimiate against color, religion, weatlth....hang in there honey and God Bless!!