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As a long time user of opiates, and three times of detoxing...I am at it again. I had a wonderful recovery program going for about 6 years, although my drug of choice was opiates, I found AA meetings to be my saving grace. But I stopped going to meeting and within 2 months I found myself using again. my employer became suspicious and fortunely I had a dear friend at work who relayed to me I was going to be called in for a urine drop, and found myself having to quit cold turkey which was pure "h" but was fortuante to give a clean urine. But started back up again within a month, this time I was able to detox slowly and with the help of xanax and clonidine, which I found to be a God send. I am on day 4 of tapering off, and had my last 1 mg of my drug of choice at about 1pm. Now I am scared. Its hard to do this when no one knows of my addition. I hope to find comfort, and reassurance thru these boards. Any comment, suggestions and wisdom is more than welcome. I thank you all for being such great supporters! Lots of love and God bless!