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Hello all,
Well today is the first day off of everything, it is amazing how I can taper off from about 20+ mg of D down to 2 mg and feel alright, now today I am going thru pure "H". I started to the day with about 5 trips to the restroom and about 4 doses of immodium, I have taken a total of about 1 mg xanax in divided doses. I know I have to feel this, and convince myself the crappier I feel, the better I am getting?! Isnt it funny how we have to play mind games with ourselves?! I have taken my vitamins and drinking so much water. What else can I do here outside of sticking a fork in my eye?! Please..any advice would be appreciated. And Yossanrian..thanks so much for your words of encouragment, it is more appreciated than I can express!! How much longer am I going to feel this way even after tapering???