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Hello Davies

Nice to meet you.

There is a whole lot of hope for you to get away from this addiction and reclaim your life. It's great to see you posting and I hope you find encouragement and support here... actually, I have no doubt you will. Smiles. This board provided me with so much support as I tapered from Oxycodone and then from Xanax. It was a huge part of my being able to get through the whole process of detoxing and move into recovery and find happiness in my life again. A huge part.

There were other huge parts also, other necesaary huge parts. Those parts came in the form of professionals, family and friends... all live, 3-D support that was vital. I, too, am a strong woman in many ways, but this sure was no adventure that I could go through alone without every single support system being in place. It is not our own strength or will that gets us out of the addiction mess.... it is the help of others to guide us along in changing how we think about drugs ( that's the professionals like social workers, therapists, drug counselors and the people in groups like AA, NA) and it is our family and friends who hold us up when we can not stand alone.

Falling into addiction is a solo act in that we need no one else to get hooked. However, the act of getting out of it and truly finding recovery and restoration takes a whole village of help. A big village at that.

One of the scariest, most horribly embarrassing and humiliating things as we commit to detox and recovery is the telling of our story to our doctor and family. And you know what? It is also the most relief-giving, hopeful feeling that will come once the whole thing is out in the open. Truly. It is the gateway into pushing ahead full steam with our planned out process. The doctor will so have heard your story and seen your pain before. What is a painful, painful secret in your life is a secret that so many have harbored in their souls before you. Like me. Like Yoss. Let it go, Davies and open up. I tell you, it is one of the best shrings you will ever do. Don't let this drug claim any more of you. Be brave, be strong enough to give up the secret to those who can truly help you. No more hiding.

Come share some more when you can.
With all hope