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Hello DJ

First, a great thread to read is the second one on this board titled "Sample Home Detox." It offers many over the counter relief suggestions.

I tapered from Oxycodone first and then from Xanax. I did long, slow tapers. truthfully, withdrawal is going to be felt no matter what method we choose for ourselves to withdraw. However, with a slow taper, hopefully functioning is still possible. I had had a complete breakdown ( as in totally non- functioning) when I began tapering so I was not in such a good place to begin with. It sounds as though you might be in a better place to start.

On my tapers, I started with four doses a day of two tabs each of oxycodone. Initailly, I cut a 1/2 tab off of one dose at a time and then waited 7-14 days to level off before the next cut. The next cut was 1/2 tab off a different dose and so on. I worked at getting the doses to the same dose as I went down. As I plodded along, I began to stretch the time before the first dose more and more... eventually, the first dose melded into the second dose and I began taking only three doses a day.

As the total daily intake got smaller, so did the cuts. I pretty much followed the 5%-10% rule, meaning that cuts should never go higher than that amount. It meant not only breaking pills, but often crushing portions of those broken pills, eyeballing a portion of the crumbs and getting the crumbs ingested by wetting the finger and licking it followed by a glass of water.

Another rule of thumb tapering from opiates... once a cut is made, it stays made. no going back up. If it means longer to level out, then so be it. I once had to wait almost 3 weeks to level out enough to make the next cut. It is not the time that is so important, it is the steady progress of making cuts and making them permanent.

I have more to share with you, but I think that this is enough for now. My own taper took many, many months. I concentrated as much as I could on the progress, not the time it took.

best wishes