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First report - Cailea - Cailea's surgery went for around 5 hours, I think and she was placed in ICU last night...she's being moved to a ward today. She doesn't have a fever and her throat is ok after the breathing tube. I don't know how she's feeling - her hubby's email was kinda short (he's probably stressing, I reckon). It sounds like she's doing ok though and that's the main thing. Keep praying and I'll update you as soon as I hear anything else.
Ashley, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't had a biopsy for safety reasons also - mine protrudes outside the liver (if it bled it would be like pouring milk out of a jug apparently, charming, hey?) and also there's a fear it might be something a little more sinister cause it's grown really fast - doing a biopsy can cause 'seeding' in rare cases. I know this probably doesn't put your mind at ease but if you've been recommended against a biopsy, go with that and try not to worry. I just turned 25 so am pretty young too - it sucks but maybe we'll actually look back and be glad they found this while we were young and fit? I feel for Nessie, Beth and Katie because they have kids that depend on them and worry like hell about them, I think that's harder - it's hard enough having a mum that's going mental with worry...as yours probably is too. I'm waiting on my surgery date - has been booked as a category 1 so shouldn't be long - unlike you guys in the US, we only get from 12 hours to 10 days notice of surgery. When are you seeing your surgeon? I was terrified when they first found mine and, like yours it's growing pretty quick which makes the stress worse....vent as much as you need on the board - everyone here is spectacular. Sorry if I missed any part of your story - I'm pretty anxious at the moment and my memory not brilliant! Sending you hopes for a good weekend...
Beth, massage? Brilliant idea...Arlyn, you, me and a beauty spa for the day - actually, everyone here could do with the pampering, I wish. How's your daughter? Try not to get to panicky...tho I can't talk, I've been the same. Can you take anything like xanax or propanalol? I don't take xanax unless I'm actually having a panic attack but the propanalol is brilliant at the moment - gosh, I sound like a druggy....I went through a hard time with PTSD after my car accident and a lot of the symptoms have come back with the onset of this - I went to the dr and asked for some help, and it is helping. Exercise is the best stress relief though....and chocolate and a glass of red ;)
Linda, you ok mate?
Hey Mia, how're you feeling?
Arlyn, thanks so much for your kind wishes...you're totally right in everything that you say, it is sooooo hard waiting for the date but in some ways the fact that I don't have a date is considered good in Aust (my dr told me, sounds so weird) because it means they consider it serious enough to put me on the oncology waiting list (there are some benefits of the drs thinking it might be cancer...though I know, hope, in my heart that it's not). This is what happened with Cailea and look how fast she went in. It's my own fault that I'm waiting anyway because I insisted on a second opinion before making a decision - hindsight is a beautiful thing! How are you feeling? How's your husband dealing with this? Katie and Nessie should be able to help you with the clothes stuff - good question, I'm curious too....
I hope this post doesn't sound depressed, I'm not really - I just want this over with.
Katie, so glad your dad is doing ok...you've been through so much - I hope that rebuilding the father/daughter bond isn't too emotionally stressful. You're sounding positive and I hope you're feeling good too. Take care x
Hey Nessie, Pete and I are still planning to sky dive next weekend in Melbourne (we're having a last romantic weekend - if I can stop being such a stressed out cow! - before surgery). I'm hoping that I might be able to go and see Cailea while I'm there....wish I could meet you guys too :( Please answer our emails oprah....